Complex Program Management

Navigating complexity by understanding interdependencies as well as drafting and managing program structures. Based on this multidimensional view, the program structure and its governance model are then set up, implemented, and managed. Key roles will be staffed with the best available resources.

Topics & References

Architecture and control of complex and strategic programs

  • Development and implementation (delivery) of complex strategic projects with mutual dependencies

  • Recording and questioning the goals and desired situation

  • Gap analysis and alignment of the procedure in the overall context (360 degree perspective)

  • Design and set-up of a program and project structure adapted to the changed procedures

  • Measurability and clear control model for complex issues and programs

  • Permanent transparency for all management levels, particularly Top Management.

Customer Reference

Large global industrial company: Optimization and design of a global program structure including all steering committees and structures. Implementation and management of the complex programs.

Design and control of high-performance PMOs (Program Management Organization) for technological and strategic projects in corporations and SMEs

  • Consideration of communication and collaboration structures between projects and line organizations

  • Derivation of essential internal tasks from the overlaid strategy and structuring for a feasible implementation for the organization (adaptation to framework conditions)

  • Integration of existing measurement and reporting systems / models in the program governance

  • Setting up and managing an overall PMO

  • Integration or establishment of a suitable risk and quality management function including all necessary processes and information

  • Systemic integrative management approach (structures, people, processes, systems and financial values), independent of topic and department

Customer Reference

Medium-sized transport and energy supply company: Optimization of an existing multi-project structure towards an integrated program structure including a dedicated PMO adapted to internal framework conditions with all content-related support as well as control functions and processes.

Design and implementation of a governance (control) model, including all roles and committees, that fits the target definition, existing framework conditions and established program and project structure.

  • Management of complexity, relationships and inter-dependencies

  • Status assessment of stakeholder management and coordination of adaptive procedures with all key stakeholders - depending on the current customer situation and existing framework conditions

  • Design and implementation of a governance (control) model, including all roles and committees, that aligns with the target definition as well as the program and project structure

  • Permanent update in overall view of the projects in regards to the set goals

  • Structured and sustainable approach adapted to the respective overall situation of the customer

Customer Reference

Large German federal ministry: analysis of existing project structures, design and architecture of a target-optimized program structure, committees and control logic.

Introduction and control of the overall program.

Executive coaching / advice for C-level executives in the context of the assignment, management and control of complex programs

  • Different expectations regarding leadership and behavior among project / program employees vs. classic line organizations

  • Dealing with expectations and escalation management as a manager in complex projects and programs

  • Conduct and handling in the areas of "communication" and "information" towards stakeholders and official bodies and/or clients

Customer Reference

All medium and large customers from various industrial sectors (technology, manufacturing, energy, public sector; services, etc.).

Organization of parallel or partially overlapping current or future projects

  • Establishing a clear interface between the program and line organization and actively managing these over the entire duration of the program

  • Senior Executive Training, Individual & Team Coaching of stakeholders at all levels, with program/project resources involved

  • Defining and managing clear responsibilities between program and line organization

Customer Reference

Large global tech product and service company: Design, organization and execution/control of parallel international projects with content-related dependencies and temporally parallel and sequential milestones and processes.

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