Organizational Transformation

From a starting point to the target destination with a controlled and accompanied transformation. Transforming an organization needs subject matter expertise of its business model, its services, the target markets, and all that defines its cornerstones. In combining permanently key elements of the transformation with management of change will assure the acceptance and the success of the transformation.

Topics & References

Carrying out quick assessments of complex transformation and reorganization programs

  • Preparation of neutral status and progress reports of projects and programs in the event of escalations and impending termination, significant delays or cost explosions

  • Moderation and control of escalation talks or contract negotiations between the client and service providers

  • Development of cooperative reverse staging to avoid costs and effort for everyone involved

Customer Reference

Large global industrial company: analyses and preparation of complex conflict situations (technical, commercial, and structural), preparation of escalation meetings including participatory management.

Executive coaching / advice for C-level executives in the context of reorganization and complex transformations

  • Role and behavior as a leader in reorganizations and transformations

  • Dealing with expectations and escalation management as a manager in complex projects and programs

  • Conduct and handling in the areas of "communication" and "information"

Customer Reference

All medium and large customers from various industrial sectors (technology, manufacturing, energy, public sector, services, etc.).

Ensuring professional management of change in transformation and reorganization programs

  • Evaluation and structuring of strategic measures in the context of major organizational changes

  • Introduction of methodical approaches to implement different process management methods and frameworks such as: COBIT; ITIL; SIAM;

  • Strategic project and portfolio management.

  • Setting up, implementing, moderating and controlling transition modules / projects up to post merger integration programs

  • Systemic & Integrated management approach (structures, people, processes, systems and financial values), independent of topic and department

Customer Reference

Global technology company: Design and implementation of an integration of management of change in parallel and content-dependent international projects.

Structuring and implementation of all necessary organizational, process driven and IT-dependent activities after strategic decisions, such as "complex sourcing"; "Merger" & "Spin Offs"

  • Technical and procedural advice & support depending on the transformation model

  • Source-specific and in-depth know-how in the field of IT sourcing

  • M&A / Joint Venture / Spin Offs

  • Controlling the transformation using the services / methods from "Complex Program Management“

  • Measurability and clear control model for complex topics and programs

  • Transparency for top management and all management levels

Customer Reference

Large international telecom group: design and implementation of a complex global PMI program.

Large global industrial company: managing a complex global sourcing program.

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